Utah State


Ph.D. Students

  • Qiuxiao Chen, TBD. (expected 2023)

  • Meng Xu. Tentative: Deep Learning-Based Semantic Segmentation (expected 2022)

  • Brendan Robeson. Tentative: Deep Learning-Based Visual Tracking. (expected 2020)

  • Mohammadreza Javanmardi. Tentative: Robust Multi-target Tracking. (expected 2020)

  • Amir Hossein Farzaneh. Tentative: Deep Multiple Instance Learning Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition. (expected 2019)

  • Liang Peng. Object Recognition in Videos Utilizing Hierarchical and Temporal Objectness with Deep Neural Networks. (Defended in February 2017. Now working at Oath Inc., formerly Yahoo)

  • Mohammad Reza Faraji. Face Recognition Techniques under Varying Illuminations. (Defended in April 2015. Now working at Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Gava Zang, Zanjan, Iran.)

  • Ran Chang. Effective Graph-Based Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems for Large-Scale and Small-Scale Image Databases (Defended in December 2013. Now working at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana.)

  • Marco Alvarez Vega. Graph Kernels and Applications in Bioinformatics (Defended in November 2010. Now working at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.)

  • Master Students

  • Zachary Case. Detecting Cars in Parking Lots. (Report. Expected Fall 2018)

  • Kamna Yadav. Improving Accuracy of Edge Boxes Object Proposal Algorithm. (Thesis. Defended in August 2018. Now working at Imagine Learning Inc., Provo, UT.)

  • Yaswanth Kodavali. Image Segmentation Using De-Textured Images. (Report. Defended in April 2017. Now working at Zions Bancorporation, Salt Lake City, UT.)

  • Chong Li. Wearable Computing: Accelerometer-Based Human Activity Classification Using Decision Tree. (Thesis. Defended in November 2016).

  • Robbie Buck. Cluster-Based Salient Object Detection using K-Means Merging and Keypoint Separation with Rectangular Centers. (Thesis. Defended in December 2015.)

  • Swathi Rajashekar. Composite Feature-Based Face Detection Using Skin Color Modeling and SVM Classification. (Report. Defended in April 2012. Now working at Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA.)

  • Jiyuan Wang. A Localized Geometric-Distortion Resilient Digital Watermarking Scheme Using Two Kinds of Complementary Feature Points. (Thesis. Defended in April 2012. Now working at Unbounded Solutions, Atlanta, GA.)

  • Beijie Xu. Clustering Educational Digital Library Usage Data: Comparisons of Latent Class Analysis and K-Means Algorithms (Thesis. Defended in April 2011. Now working at Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA.)

  • Xing Xin. A Singular-Value-Based Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Content Authentication With Tampering Localization (Thesis. Defended in April 2010. Now working at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.)

  • Benjamin Banham. A Genetic Programming Approach to Image Compression (Thesis. Defended in June 2008. Now working at USU Research Foundation, Logan, UT.)

  • Daniel Lewis. QIM-Based Histogram-Preserving and High Capacity Steganography For JPEG Images (Thesis. Defended in May 2007. Now working at Amazon Inc., Seattle, WA.)

  • Seth Call. Searching for Global Minimum-Energy Chemical Systems: Approaches Utilizing Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Optimization (Thesis. Defended in April, 2006. Now working at State of Utah, Provo, UT.)

  • Yinbing Ge. A Real-Time Vision-Based Outdoor Navigation System for the Wheelchair Robot (Thesis. Defended in March, 2006. Now working at the Samuel Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK.)

  • Hongxing Zheng. A Fuzzy Integrated Approach to Shape Retrieval (Thesis. Defended in January, 2006. Now working at Xactware Inc., Orem, UT)

  • Yutao Han. A Machine Learning-Based Image Annotation System (Thesis. Defended in November, 2005. Now working at Microsoft Inc., Seattle, WA)

  • Ji Qi. A Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Resilient Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Image Content (Thesis. Defended in November, 2005. Now working at Activision, Santa Monica, CA.)

  • KokSheik Wong. A Novel Mod4-Based Steganographic Method (Thesis. Defended in August, 2005. Now working at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

  • Kenneth Jensen. A Combined Association Rule/Radial-Basis Function Neural Network Approach to Intrusion Detection (Thesis. Defended in April, 2005)

  • Jared Alger. Binary Object Database Benchmark and Benchmark Framework (Thesis. Defended in April, 2005)

  • Undergraduate Students

  • Martin Mayne. Task Scheduling and Simulation (Honor Thesis. Finished in May 2006)

  • Stephen Bialkowski. Eye Tracking Project. (Now working at ATK/Thiokol at Bringham City, UT.)

  • Student Activities

    Four students presented their research projects at the Sixth Annual Intermountain Paper and Poster Symposium

  • Yutao Han, "A Region-Based Approach to Effective and Efficient Image Retrieval."

  • Ji Qi, "Improved Affine Resistant Watermarking by Using Robust Templates."

  • Hongxing Zheng, "An Integrated Global and Local Approach to Shape Retrieval."

  • Juan Cheng, "Face Detection Using Quantized Skin Color Regions and Neural Network Classification."

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